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Co-editor: Thasia G. Woodworth MD

Dr. Woodworth is a board certified Nephrologist and Internist, who, after 15 years clinical practice pursued Rheumatology Clinical Research in the Pharmaceutical Industry for more than 20 years because of her fascination with autoimmune diseases early in her career. She has developed expertise in outcomes research and translational clinical research study design, having maintained numerous academic collaborations, often in the context of OMERACT. She’s held positions at Roche 1986–88 as Clinical Leader, Immunology and Transplantation Clinical Science, then in 1988-94, as Director/ VP Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at Seragen, a biotech company where she was responsible for development of Ontak, an IL-2R-targeted fusion toxin, that led to registration for treatment of lymphoma. Subsequently (1995-2003), she was responsible at Pfizer R&D for Experimental Medicine development (including JAK-3 inhibitors) in Rheumatology/ Immunology/Transplantation, and later for Clinical Safety and Epidemiology in these therapeutic areas. During her Pfizer career, she established a biomarker program for arthritis, and led projects in Rheumatoid and Osteo-arthritis, psoriasis, age-related macular degeneration, and transplantation, as well as in clinical safety and pharmacovigilance. She was a member of NIH Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI) Steering Committee until 2007 and co-Chaired the 1st International OMERACT-OARSI Imaging Workshop in 2002. At Novartis, Basel (2003-6), she was Global Therapeutic Area Head for Inflammation/Immunology/GI in Profiling Clinical Pharmacology. Most recently, (mid-2006-2010), she was clinically responsible at Roche Products, Ltd in UK, for preparation of the tocilizumab (Actemra/RoActemra) RA dossier, leading to approval by CHMP without oral explanation, and organized projects to further elaborate efficacy, safety and HRQoL. She’s a member of ACR, EULAR, and is a charter member of OMERACT, and was cochair of Drug Safety Working Group and first chair of the RA Flare Working Group. Currently, she is continuing her translational and outcomes research as Visiting Project Scientist in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Furst, Carl Pearson Professor of Medicine/Rheumatology at Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. She has published more than 100 original research articles, as well as 4 book chapters in the fields of rheumatology, pathophysiology, clinical studies, and clinical research methodology.

Co-editor: Dr. Sarah Mackie

Dr Sarah Mackie is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Leeds and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. She qualified in medicine from the University of Oxford in 1999 and after general medical training she worked as a Clinical Fellow in Rheumatology in 2002 at Northwick Park Hospital with Dr Andrew Keat, Dr Clare Higgens and Dr Andrew Frank. She moved to Leeds (now the Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine) in 2004 where she took time out of her specialist training to undertake a PhD in clinical and laboratory aspects of giant cell arteritis, supervised by Professor Ann Morgan. She is currently funded by a NIHR Clinician Scientist Award and she currently spends most of her time carrying out clinical research on polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis. She also has a general rheumatology clinic in Otley at Wharfedale Hospital, which is part of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. In her general rheumatology clinic she looks after patients with the full spectrum of rheumatic diseases including early rheumatoid arthritis, established rheumatoid arthritis.

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